Where we come from:

Palamo was born in 2021 out of the Ascension Capital Partners (“Ascension”) business, which is the first black-owned private equity fund manager started by the Pallidus partners and associates. The name Palamo is rooted in Sesotho and means ‘to ascend’. We consider the name fitting as it describes how Palamo has ascended from the Ascension journey, as well as clearly indicating to where we are headed – above and beyond with our business partners.

Our journey began when a team of like-minded professionals, who had previously engaged in business, decided to combine their ideas, experience, expertise, and influential networks to create a unique value proposition. Palamo seeks to make sustainable long-term investments and form valuable relationships with business partners who share our passion and unwavering authenticity.

The opportunity materialised out of our innovative DNA, solutions orientated nature, and the ever-changing legislation landscape. This inspired us to pursue partners who share our values and vision in our journey. We therefore look forward to welcoming you on this journey.